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Please vote for M.E. to get the attention it deserves
redtoffee wrote in wamcare
Dear all,

I am an emailing you to give you the opportunity to vote to get M.E. the attention and research it deserves. Read the extract below, which was written by a friend of mine.

Thank you,


38 Degrees want people to suggest & vote for new ideas to campaign about. Please follow this link & vote for my proposal to fight for M.E sufferers.

My proposal is -
1) To get the NICE guidelines rewritten, and replaced with the Canadian guidelines.
2) To get the NHS to view M.E & CFS as two separate illnesses in keeping with the World Health organisation classification
3) Fund more research into biomedical causes, especially XMRV.

Their NHS campaign already has 11 thousand signatures!
If we had a group like this behind us it could make a real difference. So please get everyone to vote for my proposal!!
Each person has 10 votes, and you can use a maximum of 3 on this proposal!!


Amy xxx


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