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wamcare's Journal

Worldwide Assoc. for ME/CFS Awareness & Research
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Raising awareness of ME/CFIDS/CFS and sharing news, WAMCARE campaign updates, patient stories etc...
Worldwide Association for ME/CFS Awareness and Research (WAMCARE)click here for our website http://www.wamcare.org

If you have recently heard of a group promoting the blue awareness ribbon for ME/CFS, then you probably know who we are. We cannot use our former group name to identify ourselves, as the former team member who copyrighted it and owns the associated website has left and demands we refrain from referring to it in anyway. We are complying with her request. However, we are the same team, promoting the same cause with the same goals under our new name, WAMCARE. Our mission is clear, our work continues and together we will persist in our commitment for all persons with ME/CFS to be "heard and cured".

Other than our official website, you can find us in several other places including the WAMCARE blog here http://wamcare.blogspot.com/ the official WAMCARE twitter here http://twitter.com/WAMCARE and our facebook cause here http://twitter.com/WAMCARE

We have filed for non-profit incorporation in Nevada, USA, and eventually we will be registered as an international charity. The work of building a new website has already begun, and we are thrilled and working harder than ever as a more cohesive, co-operative group.

Persons with ME/CFS/CFIDS, their care-takers, families, friends, supporters and campaigners for ME/CFS Awareness are all welcome to join the WAMCARE livejournal community.

28 million lives are at stake. ME/CFS is rarely fatal, but it does leave previously ambitious, healthy people helpless to stop their lives and their loves slip through their fingers.

We are promoting the message across the world that ME/CFS is real, and deserves at least as much attention as other diseases. ME/CFS has been ignored, stigmatized and underfunded for far too long, and we will not remain invisible and silent.

Please invite your friends to join this group and we can take a stand to spread the truth of this illness together!

"I have treated more than 2,000 AIDS and CFS patients in my career. And the CFS patients are MORE sick and MORE disabled every single day than my AIDS patients are, except for the last two months of life!"
- Dr. Marc Loveless

The main purpose of the WAMCARE Community is to create a supportive atmosphere for all people associated with ME/CFS. In addition, this community raises awareness of the illness, provides information on WAMCARE and ME/CFS, welcomes volunteers and invites you to take part in petitions and government campaigns. We appreciate your input and welcome you to share anything of interest relating to ME/CFS and your experience of chronic illness.

- Do not post anything which will hurt, deflame, or upset anyone unecessarily. We welcome your opinions, thoughts and feelings, but we will not tolerate bullying or any other form of disrespect. Please apply the Golden Rule when participating in the community: treat others as you would have them treat you.

- We define ME/CFS according the World Health Organization as a neurological disorder. Any members, posts or activities that promote otherwise (such as stating that ME/CFS is a psychiatric and/or somatoform disorder) will not be allowed to continue. Members of the community who promote such a message can and will be banned.

- Advertisements, spam, scams, offers of 'cures' and treatments for members with ME/CFS will be deleted, and the offending parties banned from the community.

- Links may be posted as long as they are relevant to the ME/CFS community.

- We welcome suggestions for the WAMCARE campaign, as well as posts that raise awareness for ME/CFS groups, events, charities, research, news, petitions and other activities.